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Whatever your style of menu we have the right suppliers for you. If you serve food or drink in your establishment then you should be speaking to us.

We have quality suppliers for all of your food requirements from fresh fish to fresh meat, fresh produce to milk and dairy, frozen food to bakery products, herbs and spice to soups and sauces and even stock and gravy.

We can supply the ingredients you need and at really great prices from high quality suppliers. Plus everything you need for your dining room and bars, from tables and chairs to tableware and barware, alongside a comprehensive range of crockery, cutlery and glassware. All of your professional kitchen equipment including chefs utensils, cleaning and hygiene products and catering disposables are available through us and we even offer kitchen planning, design and installation services

We will make it possible for you to hit your margins every time by getting you the right prices.

Saving you money is our business

Contact us for a free evaluation of your business, and start saving today